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volunteer applications
closed. good luck to the candidates! 

Volunteering is an opportunity to work, learn and have fun with great chefs from Brazil and abroad in our great celebration of Churrasco.  There are few places for volunteers. Use the form below to apply. But first read the rules

  1. Registration will be open until 11:00 pm on June 20, 2022 We respect the order in which registration forms are received. All fair and democratic

  2. Confirmation of your participation will be issued 15 days before the event.

  3. Anyone who does not enter the 1st call is placed on the waiting list.

  4. Whoever confirms and gives up can no longer register in the future. 

  5. We cannot accommodate individual requests from volunteers wishing to work with specific chefs.

  6. If you are already a chef's assistant, you do not need to register as a volunteer. The chef will make your registration.

  7. As required by Anvisa, volunteers must have an ASO (Occupational Health Certificate) with stool Coproculture and stool Coproparasitological. We will not allow the entry of volunteers who do not present their original ASO valid for 6 months. The ASO can be arranged from an occupational physician.

The Churrascada will take place in the city of São Paulo, on August 6, 2022
Opening hours for the public are from 1 pm to 10 pm.

The pre-preparation schedule of the chefs with their respective teams and volunteers varies. It can start the night of the day before or the morning of the day of the event. At the end of the event, the team must organize the station's utensils and materials and request the production to collect the material.

Their answers will be evaluated and filtered, and from there it will be determined who will participate as a volunteer and which chef will help.
If you are selected, we will contact you via email and/or whatsapp until July 5th.

Fill out the application form to apply for the volunteer selection process

Qual a sua disponibilidade durante o evento
Você tem fluência na língua Inglesa? Caso seja escalado para trabalhar com um chef estrangeiro essa será uma necessidade.
No mundo do Churrasco voce é?

Boa Sorte. Entraremos em Contato. Good Luck

Enrollments closed. This form is inactive

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