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Churrascada São Paulo 2024


Date: Saturday 03 August 2024

Address: Av. Manuel Bandeira, 360 - Vila Leopoldina, São Paulo

Gates Opening: 12 noon

Closing: 10pm


Don't drink and drive. Go by Taxi or App.  

  • What is included in your ticket?
    Your ticket includes access to the event, free food at lineup chef stations, free access to Budweiser beer, water and soft drinks, live shows, demonstrations and other entertainment activities. Occasionally, but not always, your ticket may include a tasting of specific products.
  • What does the ticket not include?
    Your ticket does not include: Cocktails, Wines, Special beers, Merchandising items, Products sold at Churrasshop, whether sold by Churrascada or its partners. If any of these items are included you will find out at the event and it will be a nice surprise :-)
  • Will there be tickets being sold at the door? At what value? | Will there be tickets being sold at the door? How much will they cost?
    No. Tickets are sold out for 2023 If, by chance, we decide to sell tickets at the door, we will be able to communicate through our social networks. There are rarely any tickets left for sale at the time. We recommend purchasing in advance.
  • Do kids need a ticket?
    Children under 12 are free accompanied by a paying adult. Anyone aged 12 and over will need a ticket.
  • What is the payment system used at the festival?
    The cashiers inside the Churrascada event only accept credit or debit cards.
  • What cannot enter the event?
    Pets, outside drink and sad face
  • Where and when does the Churrascada take place?
    Barbecue 23 will take place on August 5, 2023 at Av. Henry Ford 511 - Mooca, São Paulo, SP.
  • Passport
    After the Pandemic, after more than 5 years and hundreds of rewards delivered, the passport program was terminated.
  • How does access to dishes work?
    The event is open food and open beer lineup chef's creations, Budweiser and sodas (unless otherwise explained) Chefs are distributed in stations. Each station is identified with the name of the chef, the name of the dish in a simplified version (to see the detailed version visit the lineup page on our website) and the brands that are supporting that chef. Currascada is an all-inclusive event for the lineup chef's creations, Budweiser and sodas (unless otherwise explained) The chefs are spread out in season. Each station is identified with the name of the chef, the name of the dish in a simplified version (to see the detailed version go to the 'Chefs" page on our site) and the brands that are supporting that chef.
  • How big are the portions?
    The chefs are instructed to serve portions of up to 100 grams so that everyone is satisfied and, above all, has an appetite to taste a little of each creation. You can serve yourself, obviously, as many times as you wish. But out of respect for other visitors, we ask that you join the queue again. Chefs are advised not to double portions. Again, we want you to taste everything and we thought about individual portioning so that this goal is met.
  • Can you guarantee that all stations will have food all day?
    Despite the huge volume of food offered at the stations. We cannot guarantee that all stations will have food to serve at all times. Some more popular stations tend to close before the others.
  • Sometimes one station or another stops  from working even with food, Why?
    To ensure that the product is served at the ideal point, the​ roaster must respect the nature of meat and fire. Therefore, not infrequently, a station can interrupt the service and restart it when the roaster judges that the product is ready. The opposite of this, of course, is fast food, where the heat comes from gas or electricity and ultra-processed meat is predictable. In any case, we will always have a large selection of food available at all times.
  • Are there stations with desserts? Are they charged?
    Yes there is. Those that are part of the lineup are not charged and are included in your ticket. Too much can be charged.
  • I'm Vegetarian/Vegan. Do you have food for me?
    Yes. The Churrascada is a barbecue event. Barbecue has a lot of meat. But there are also foods without animal protein.
  • What is the location? |
    The principle of Churrascada is to choose spacious and abandoned places in the cities where the festival is held. It is an attempt to revalue the urban space and this is part of the whole experience we offer. Factories, Farms, Warehouses are our favorites. The address is at the top of that same page
  • Is the site accessible to wheelchair users?
    Due to the nature of the places chosen for the festival, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the floor conditions and/or access to all areas of the space allow access with a wheelchair. However, most of the site is wheelchair accessible.
  • Is there on-site parking?
    Sometimes there is parking. Sometimes there is a valet service. Sometimes there are both. But sometimes there are none of these options and due to the location chosen there may not be a parking space nearby. We recommend that before going to the event, consult the post on our social networks with the instructions regarding transportation. Also, as there is alcohol consumption at the event and we value your safety, we do not recommend driving to or from the event.
  • Is there a lot of smoke in space? Will I smell like smoke in my hair and clothes? Can't you do anything about the smoke?
    Yes. Yes. No.
  • Is there a Kids Area?
    Yes Yes
  • Is there a Cloak Room?
    No. Nope.
  • Will there be merchandise store?
    Of course yes :-)
  • What is a Churrascada volunteer?
    Being a volunteer is an opportunity to work, learn and have fun with great chefs at the biggest Gastronomy and Entertainment event in the country. The volunteer is fundamental to the success of the event. - We respect the order in which registration forms are received. There are few vacancies for volunteers.- We do not answer individual requests, nor do we pass people in front.- It's no use sending direct messages to the organizers. All fair, democratic and clear.- The confirmation of your participation will come out 15 days before the event.- Those who do not enter the 1st call are on the waiting list.- Those who confirm and give up can no longer register in the future.- Working one day does not guarantee entry as a visitor the next day.- If you are already a chef's helper, you don't need to register as a volunteer. The chef will make your application. As required by Anvisa, volunteers must have an ASO (Occupational Health Certificate) with feces Coproculture and feces Coproparasitology. We will not allow the entry of volunteers who do not present their original ASO valid for 6 months. The ASO can be arranged with an occupational physician.
  • When do applications for Volunteers open?
    We open registration for volunteers six weeks before the event and communicate through our social network.
  • Do you want to be a chef at Churrascada?
    This is great news. We love the fact that you would like to barbecue with us for a whole day for little money but a lot of fun. Thanks. We receive a lot of requests from people who want to join our lineup. Unfortunately, much more than we can fit into our festival. However, we are always on the lookout for new and talented professional chefs who can bring new ideas. So yeah, if you're not a professional chef, if you don't have a new idea in mind, and definitely if you're not talented, don't bother. In that case, you can join us as a volunteer or as a guest. Churrascada brings together some of the most important chefs from Brazil and abroad. The bar is high and we will never fail or lower our quality. Please read the following points carefully if you wish to join us. 1) We like chefs who cook in an incredibly way, differently and especially of with quality. More than food, we like to deliver ideas 2) Show what you are doing through social networks. Make yourself understood. 3) When you're confident you're there, bring us the idea. We don't care much about big names or number of followers. But it is no coincidence that the big names that are with us are also big names for being exceptional chefs and cooks. Tip: Read our values and curation pages to understand how it works. 4) Don't be afraid to introduce yourself. Just not, in the middle of the event when we are focused on feeding 4,000 mouths. But if you're doing everything right, chances are we already know about you and are just waiting for the right opportunity to invite you. Good luck and good fire!
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