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butcher wars

for the second time on Brazilian soil, at churrascada

what is it?

International Competition of Professional Butchers in which, within 30 minutes, the individual competitor must cut, debone and present in a butcher-style layout.

Value-added, creative and eye-catching cuts.
This presentation will be made on a display or platform brought by the participant himself
Raw material: ½ lamb and the “half pork” Loin with rib and diaper
On tables suitable for deboning, the competitor must make the best preparation in 30 minutes.


To apply for Butchers Wars, the interested party must fill in the registration form with their personal data and professional qualifications.

Butcher's Wars 2022 is open for applications from candidates over 18 years old residing anywhere in Brazil and the world.

Applications must be submitted until July 1st 2022 at 10AM

Approved applicants will be informed until July 7th.


The Head Judge of the competition will select only 6 candidates according to the following criteria:  

  1. Technical skill in cutting and presentation, proven by photo, video or instagram. 

  2. Brief CV proving that the candidate performs the activity professionally


The selected candidates will be notified of their approval and officialization of the invitation to participate in Butchers Wars 2022 that will take place during Churrascada São Paulo on August 6, 2022.


The participants  will receive the rules in advance as well as a lecture with everyone before the competition to clear up any doubts.

Participants must pay the registration fee of R$ 250.00 (two hundred and fifty reais) that will guarantee their participation in the competition and, of course, the 9 hours of lots of barbecue and music at Churrascada São Paulo 2022.  

The organization of the Barbecue or Butcher's Wars event will not be responsible for travel, accommodation and food expenses of the competitor before, during or after the competition, which must be borne by the competitor.  

On the day of the competition, participants must bring their personal utensils including, but not limited to: knives and sharpeners, knife holster, hook, threads, strings, needles, elastic bands, display, decoration, fruits, vegetables and all the objects and spices necessary for the presentation.




The Butcher Wars  2022 will be presented by the butcher Alder Lopes and will be attended by 4 judges from Brazil and abroad


  1. Head Judge: Flávio Saldanha

  2. Judge – Marcelo Bolinha (BRZ)

  3. Judge – Marc Pauvert (France)

  4. Judge -  Jay Beaumont (Australia)

You  participants will be  judged and evaluated with cream from 01 to 10 according to the following criteria:

  1. Speed

  2. Presentation, Display

  3. Cleaning

  4. technique

  5. Creativity and usability


In the event of a tie in the overall sum of points, the tie will be broken by the highest score of, in the order:

  1. Cleaning

  2. technique

  3. Presentation, Display

Other Rules:

  1. Use the knife in the holster, keep the knife sharp. Not having to fully use the proteins, but rather make use of the chosen pieces.

  2. Keep the place clean and tidy at the entrance and exit.

  3. Signal when you need the 2nd protein, display and when to end the test

  4. You must also explain your work in detail to the public after the presentation.

  5. At the end of the stipulated time, production must be stopped immediately.


Prize for all participants, mention on team pages


1st place: Butcher Wars Barbecue Trophy 1st place

2nd place: Trophy  Butcher Wars Barbecue 2nd place

3rd to 6th place – Participation Medal


Complete the application form below to apply for the Butchers Wars 2022 Competitor Selection Process


Boa Sorte. Entraremos em Contato. Good Luck

Butchers Wars Inscrição
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