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The connection between fire, food and human rituals is multifaceted and symbolic.

Since the beginning of times and in different cultures, fire has represented a powerful and transforming energy. It purifies, renews and illuminates. Flames and smoke rise creating a connection between the material and the abstract. Fire warms the body. Warms soul. Awakens the party spirit.

In rituals, fire is a central element of this connection. It transcends the limits of the material and provides the reach of elevated states of consciousness. Food combined with fire becomes a metaphor for this metaphysical bond. It strengthens the connection with the divine and satisfies spiritual hunger. Happiness.

The presence of fire and the sharing of food in human rituals are symbolic elements that represent the search for transcendence, spiritual awakening and union with the divine. They create an environment for transformation, celebration of life and communion with our own.


- Gustavo Bottino, Executive Curator


curatorial team

"Sharing" is at the root of the good gastronomic experience. Here we break bread and ideas to make Churrascada a truly special experience.

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