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What happens when we fuse the tradition of Barbecue with Classical Cuisine?

This is our delicious and daring challenge to chefs at Churrascada 2024.

We aim to blend the tradition of barbecue with classic cuisine, creating an unexpected and delightful combination of flavors, techniques, and presentations to deliver a unique culinary experience.

It's the fusion of the best of both worlds: the rusticity and simplicity of barbecue with the care and variety of traditional cuisine. A perfect balance between the distinct realms—grilled and smoked barbecue favorites melded with the rich sauces of classic cuisine, resulting in delicious and creative dishes.

Over 10 hours of festivities, you'll explore a multitude of classic creations. Bordelaise, Bearnaise, Velouté, Demi-glace, Spagnole, Barollo, Au Poivre, Funghi, Hollandaise, Mornay, Beurre Noisette... Perhaps you'll leave Churrascada inspired to incorporate these flavors into your next barbecue, and who knows, maybe even find yourself uttering a few words in a foreign language.

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